Thank you Larry for going above and beyond on helping me with the entertainment center I purchased at the estate sale. Taking the extra time to help me put it in my storage unit was extremely nice and helped me out tremendously. Thank You! -- Lisa D

Larry handled my mother's estate sale in May, 2015 and he was wonderful to deal with in all respects. As my mother had moved out of town before the sale and my sister and I live in the Bay Area, none of us were in Fresno to "assist or supervise" Larry and his staff-- and they certainly didn't need us. They did a beautiful job setting things up (we saw the displays online) and cleaning up afterwards (as reported by our realtor), sold everything for us with a good financial outcome, and made the entire process effortless on our part. Larry's professionalism and integrity are the cornerstone of his operation and our family is grateful for the wonderful job he did for us. -- Gil B

Have you ever found yourself faced with having to find a home for items you have treasured for 45 years and can’t keep? Or, that suddenly you’re faced with a limited time to be out of your home and have 45 years of accumulation you have to liquidate? That’s where we found ourselves when I contacted Larry and Donna Peters for direction. Over a period of time, I attended many estate sales around the Fresno, Kings, and Tulare counties with the sole purpose of finding a company to handle our living estate sale when the time came. I repeatedly visited estates being liquidated by the Peters because I found them to be personable, knowledgeable, and sincere in their desire to be successful for the families they represented. After three years of reviewing liquidators, I took one of Donna and Larry's cards, wrote, “#1 choice” and placed it in our file. Little did I know I'd be calling on Donna and Larry sooner than expected! For personal reasons, my husband and I found ourselves leaving Hanford, moving to Oregon, and selling our home. We had three weeks to remove, store, or liquidate our belonging. I was glad I had spent the time reviewing liquidators and filing the Peters\' card because a fast call was made, and Larry arrived on our doorstep. Even though he was booked through July 2014, Larry took the time to assess our treasures, share ideas for liquidation, and provide contacts to facilitate a quick sale. After meeting with us and getting to know our situation, Larry and Donna became concerned that we'd find someone who would give us a fair value for the many antiques we owned. After several contacts, the Peters agreed to take our possessions on consignment. After making five trips from Sanger to Hanford and filling two trucks and one large trailer each time, our treasures were stored awaiting an estate sale. Just two weeks later, Larry notified us that our items would be combined with another estate and go up for sale. True to their word, Donna and Larry liquidated our life-long treasures. No one sees or understands what goes on or the time involved before a sale. Neither do buyers know the quality of the persons involved in the liquidation. Larry and Donna went well beyond what anyone else would have done to make our sale possible. I knew when I wrote on their business card, “#1 choice” that I had chosen the best! The personal time they spent was well beyond the normal and this personal touch made Larry and Donna Peters shine beyond all others. They certainly earned stars in their crowns and to them we are eternally grateful. -- Susan N

I am recommending Larry and Donna's services to everyone I can. From the day they came to see my aunt's home, they were excited about all her belongings, took time talking with us, were very sympathetic and caring - knowing what we were going through from our loss. He and his crew spent about a week staging the sale. They hand-washed all the silverware, dishes, anything needing cleaning or updating to make them look good. They worked around my schedule so I could be there. Larry did lots of research on the items, showing me why they were priced the way they were. Larry's 'crew' is mostly family, and they are as kind and caring as he and Donna. The sale itself was fantastic, profitable and about 95% of the goods were sold! We had so many people come through and I kept hearing customers say they follow Larry every weekend. That's the sign of an honest, fair business. This estate sale could have been a huge depressing let-down, but instead I felt my aunt's things went to caring people who truly would take care of it and love the items as she did. Our family spoke to two other companies, felt like they could care less what we were going through and were very short with us. I would never use anyone but Larry Peters Liquidators for my family. -- Cheri S

When I am in Fresno I attend all of Larry's sales, without a doubt I will have him do my sale in MO. He is genuine, he truly cares for all that attend his sales and does his very best to get the Owners the best prices, when you meet him he is an instant friend, his wife Donna is very nice, and his mother was the best. He is the most, honest and caring dealer you will ever meet, he did my Aunts sale and they were happy with the results. I and my family will always do business with Larry and give referrals to him because of his integrity and caring disposition. -- Linda F

I was not aware of the service provided by estate liquidators until a family emergency, when a close relative in the Fresno area became seriously disabled. It was apparent that she could no longer live in her home, and it was even uncertain whether she would be able to live on her own again. It was up to me to see to the sale of her belongings and to have the home she rented cleaned and in good shape to return to the landlord. I live on the east coast and had a very limited time to come to Fresno to take care of this business. I honestly didn't know what to do. Luckily, I decided to search the internet for a solution, and that's how I found Larry Peters. Before I traveled west, I set up interviews with him and with another firm. Both seemed highly reputable. They educated me on the range of services they provide and did a thorough inventory of my relative's belongings. I chose Larry because he seemed particularly empathetic to our family's situation, and he seemed willing to go the extra mile to handle all the details and responsibilities of preparing for and running the sale in my absence. I wasn't wrong. Larry and his family were a godsend. He is expert in the field of estate sales. He understands how to price and display vintage items for sale, and he has a long list of loyal customers who come to his sales and find wonderful items at fair prices. As the seller, we were thrilled at the amount of the cash proceeds he earned for us, money that will be important in the continuing care of my relative. But Larry's services went far beyond this. The house was in bad shape, filled with clutter. Larry and his family cleaned the entire premises, filling a large dumpster with trash and debris. He secured a rental storage space for us, and personally delivered furniture and a number of boxes of household items and papers that we needed to store. Throughout the process, Larry stayed in close touch with me by phone with questions that came up. He views his service as a calling. Each and every week he and his family help other families in difficulty. Larry is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. He is respected and honorable in his profession, and he addresses the individual needs of his clients with a kind, caring touch. -- James B

Very professional, wonderful people to ask and work with. Very clean and organized, and Donna and Larry are the best. Wheather your shopping or your the owner Larry is very fair.and will work with you. Hope to see you at the next sale. -- Linda P

Larry Peters Liquidations

Larry and his entire team did such an amazing job with my mom"s home. The compassion and help that he gave me during this very difficult time was so appreciated. Thank you again for your professionalism and hard work. -- Mindy F

I've been attending local estate sales held by the Peters for many years. Larry and Donna are both friendly, nice people and very professional in dealing with their customers. They are by far may favorite company for estate sales. Their sale items are always attractively arranged, reasonably priced, and their sales staff is always there to help. Their website, too, reflects their attention to detail and professionalism. I look forward to attending the Peters' sales! -- Janet B

Larry and Donna's crew took on my sister's home. This was a home where my sister never threw anything away. They did an amazing job! In one week they had the whole home organized and ready for the sale. Come the following Tuesday, Larry had a 3rd party come in and finish clearing out the house. Nice and empty, GREAT JOB!!! -- Shauna A

The Peters' estate sales are among our favorite out of Fresno. The vibes are great and I seem to always find something of value. Prices are reasonable and the goods are well organized. The checkout line moves fast, too. Lots of smiles and bonhomie at Larry Peters' sales. You folks are really among the very best in the Fresno area in terms of ease to deal with, friendliness, and value for price. Plus, even though your website and descriptions are top notch, you never know what you'll find at a Peters' estate sale, so we try to make every one even though you may show what I'm mainly looking for, just for the fun of it! You folks are really a reseller's delight, too! Keep it up! -- Gene T

Larry and Donna were recommended to us by a friend that collects antiques and is a sitting U.S. Judge. The estate sale was a complete success and was very easy for us. Larry and his crew took care of everything in an efficient and professional manner. We only had to meet with Larry to: arrange the dates of the sale, give him keys to the house, and receive the check for the sale. -- Allen B

I want to let you know that I had the pleasure of working with Larry and all his crew. They put in a lot of hours getting my mom's estate ready and I never heard of any complaints from anyone. Larry was very professional and had everything displayed so nicely, I was amazed in how everything turned out. My brothers and sister were very impressed with how the house and sheds looked. His crew were very friendly and courteous to everyone. Thanks again Larry for your kindness and hard work everyone put in. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends. -- Cathy H

For quite some time now I have been meaning to write about the great experiences, my husband and I have had in our dealings with Larry, his wife Donna, and all of their crew. We have a small vintage reselling business to offset the rising costs we all may face at one time or another in our lives. Plus we hated to see this country’s history and vintage products lost to landfills and scrap metal. We enjoy what we do and enjoy meeting people that have a love of all things vintage and antique. We could tell right away Larry’s knowledge and passion for the vintage market, and beyond, was an asset to his customers; estate owners and buyer alike. He has found a way to get that perfect balance between getting the owner/and or family of the estate the most for their items, and keeping it greatly affordable for the buyers. This is apparent at each sale, with his loyal group of buyers lining up for the fabulous finds and deals you will get, time after time. I have on numerous occasions witnessed Larry and Donna’s compassion and respect for the estate items, and the family members of the estate he is representing. His crew is always more than helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. We look forward to attending the estate sales with them. When and if there comes the day that I need help selling my parents estate, I have no doubt who I will contact. Thank you to Larry, Donna and their crew for making each and every one of your estate sales a fun and friendly place to be, and always a more than fair deal for the treasures we find. -- Amy R

Larry is the best person to buy from, all around integrity and honesty!! Always clean and excellent sales and a perfect gentleman to do business with, and his lovely wife Donna. I was able to make it even though I was not getting around good. They go out of their way to help you anyway they can. So if you are looking for quality and loyalty and a great friend of many years, make your next sale to Larry Peters. You will definitely keep going as long as your able and hands up to my caregiver Jenny to see that I got there! -- ​Daisy D

I want to thank you for the tremendously professional job you and your staff/crew did in the liquidation of my mother's estate. You relieved all our worries and organized and staged the sale better than we could gave imagined. I am very grateful for the way you handled our concerns and eased our minds during a difficult time. Thank you for being so gracious to work with. The respect you showed all my mother's treasures was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. -- ​Sue D